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2020 Energy Predictions

2020 Energy Predictions

As the citizenry of modern industrial nations is made more aware of the limits of fossil fuel along with the other arguments of conservation groups, new demands will be made upon energy companies. These demands will move industries to make changes. For instance, they...

About Robert Bensh

Robert Bensh, of Houston, Texas, is a leader in the oil in gas industry. Robert’s expertise has been sought out by dozens of big name companies. His extensive career has taken him across the globe. During his many roles, he improved many groups. He brought success and exponential growth in both revenue and production to the many organizations he served. He has an incredible track record that includes overseeing financial decisions and helping merge different groups. He takes pride in his ability to see businesses live up to their full potential under his direction. Many people have sought his advice as director and financial expert.

Robert Bensh serves as the Senior Managing Partner at Pelicourt, LLC. A massive advocate for strict regulation in the energy & global security markets, Robert has spent the majority of his 25-year career as an expert in the oil, gas, and energy industries. He has taken his knowledge all over the world to advise and consult on industry trends and developments, including countries like the Ukraine, Australia, South America, England, and The United States. With a passion for the industry and several noteworthy achievements to account for his successes, Robert has proven to be an industry leader.

Energy and global security are highly relevant topics in today’s global spectrum. Not only is a politically charged area of conversation, the direction of the energy and global security sectors will have a direct impact on the economy world-wide. For this reason, Robert Bensh has made advocacy for global security a core element of his career. Robert’s connections all over the world trust him to advise them on matters of energy security. Recently, Bensh has connected with a popular Ukranian television station to work as an advisor and consultant for the oil, gas, and energy industry, particularly focused on their impact globally.

Working as an internationally-established energy executive, Robert has partnered with many well-known corporations to aid in building their oil and gas businesses. Within all of Bensh’s roles, he has brought expert knowledge as well as revenue and production growth. And while Bensh’s main areas of expertise revolve within oil, gas, and energy sectors, Bensh is also well-versed in business acquisitions, merging businesses, building funds and capital, and business development.

To understand the implications of a global market, one must have a general understanding of other cultures and economies. Robert Bensh has had the great opportunity to travel all over the country for his career, which has given him crucial insight on how far reaching the issue of global security really is. Always focused on personal and professional learning, Bensh has always focused on having a well-rounded view of the world and a well-rounded education.

Robert Bensh received his Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University. Here, he focused on both political science and history to give him perspective on future career. He also received a Master of the Arts degree in Global Security from Arizona State University. This was an important step forward in Robert’s career, as it gave him the tools necessary for succeeding within a large and faceted industry. To keep himself prepared for the volatile nature of the industry on a larger scale, Robert also studied at the University of Toronto in their Directors Education Program supported by the Institute of Corporate Directors.

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