A 2018-2019 Global Security Industry Outlook report was recently released and there is a lot to talk about. The report covers several different aspects of the industry including cyber security, physical security, the advancement of technology, and more. The primary focus is on the impact of the digital revolution and megatrends on each of the aforementioned areas.

The report analyzes industry growth in the wake of concepts like blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. While the global market is a key concept, regional and individual factors are also taken into consideration as a part of the comprehensive analysis. Topics addressed in this year’s report include:

Global Threats and Security Challenges  – How do things like terrorism, cyber threats, and international security conflicts affect the market outlook? The report covers political trends, crime and violence, cyber security and the constantly changing global dynamic.

Digital and Non-Digital Trends in the Global Security Environment  – Where is the industry heading and who is leading it there? Expect to read about things like Big Data and Analytics, Quantum Computing, Surveillance, Cloud Computing, and more.

Border and Maritime Security – Which activities and legislative acts will directly impact national and global security? Previous mergers and acquisitions, present land borders, and predicted competitive trends all fall into this category.

Key Trends and Their Impact on Diverse Security Environments – Discussions on primary security topics including the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Safe Cities, First Responders Networks, and Cyber Domains. Top transformational shifts will be discussed, as well as useful breakdowns in analysis by technology, region, and capabilities.

Predictions and Implications – How will technology and the subsequent changes affect the security industry and what will it look like in three (3) years? Although the report itself limits concrete predictions to 2018 and 2019, trend analysis helps to define a clear direction for global security.

The report will also cover critical opportunity areas located within the industry, as well as the legislative and geopolitical factors capable of directly impacting its infrastructure and growth potential. Specifically, expect strategic imperatives for industry suppliers and security business models to be highlighted as growth opportunities.