The energy industry is changing at a rapid pace. We are looking at improving efficiency and finding better ways to pull value from the energy we have. The trends in renewable energy are moving toward finding ways to use technology from different industries to help meet these goals.

Let’s take a closer look at what this really means by checking out the energy trends in 2020 we can expect to see grow into big changes for both companies and consumers alike.


More Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hitting a lot of industries right now. What does it mean to the energy industry? AI is being used by both consumers and companies to find patterns. Intelligent systems are employed to find where energy is being most efficiently generated and where it is being inefficiently used so that companies and consumers can attain better mileage for their energy usage.


Consumers Have More To Say

The more consumers are becoming informed about their energy options, the more the industry will change. In 2020, we can expect to see that consumers will continue to ask energy suppliers for more control over their own choices for energy use. Consumers want renewable energy sources that are affordable and efficient.


Better Batteries for Storing Renewable Energy

When it comes to the efficiency of renewable energy, this is a top priority where research continues to grow. The more ways we can find to store the energy we pull from the sun and the wind, the more valuable these types of energy will be for consumers.


Improved Cyber-Security

This is another trend that is continuing toward improvement and likely always will be. Cyber attacks are a serious threat to energy companies. New technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain are hopefully going to help us find new ways to effectively stop this threat, or at least the current threats to the energy grid as we understand them.


Politics Play a Role

The issue of energy efficiency remains a hot political topic. The more politicians are discussing the importance of decarbonization and renewable energy resources, the more policies will be placed in countries around the world. You can expect that these policies will affect the research involved and consumer behavior when it comes to the energy industry.