Today the world is plagued by war, natural disasters, and other threats. These may seem distant from everyday life, but globalization means that even distant players can have an impact on the security of individuals across the globe.

The Evolution of Terrorism

Terrorism is one threat that has become increasingly prevalent in today’s day and age. Acts of terrorism are often difficult to predict, especially when there are only a few attackers involved. Over the last few years we’ve seen examples such as a terrorist using a gun or knife and attacking a group of people, or one who hires a car and veers it off of the road and into a crowd. These incidents are very difficult to prevent.

Other terrorist attacks involve more planning and actors. They may use more sophisticated weapons. Although these attacks are normally easier for law enforcement to detect and stop, they are also geared towards harming much larger groups of people.

Given that terrorist attacks are becoming more common and may be difficult to prevent, individuals need to take care to exercise vigilance. They need to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and alert authorities if necessary.

The Expansion of Cyber Threats

Everyone, from governments to states to individuals, is at risk of cyberattack. Individuals are perhaps the most vulnerable. Businesses have the ability to spend millions of dollars ensuring their cybersecurity, but most individuals simply don’t have the funds. Technology has many benefits, but it also comes with security pitfalls. Most devices can be hacked. Malware is also an issue. Every day, 200 billion emails are sent. More than 1 billion of these contain malware.

Technology will likely only continue to expand into all aspects of our lives. Many people now have smart devices in their homes. Soon we’ll begin to see more self-driving cars and usage of drones. As advanced technology becomes more prevalent, individual responsibility will become even more important. Remember to look after your own email and social media account passwords and update them regularly. Don’t share your passwords with others. Don’t respond to or download anything from scam emails.

Threats such as terrorism and cyberattacks have a global impact. They now present risks to individuals like never before. There are, however, some steps you can take to mitigate their effects.