A degree in Global Studies opens up the door for a variety of career opportunities. You’ll be able to put your skills to use in an exciting, international context! The following are just a few of the many examples of careers with a global context available to you.

Management Consultant

If you enjoy taking things apart and making them better, consider becoming a management consultant. You’d work with clients and business leaders in an international context. You’ll share your experience and knowledge as you help them decide what changes to make to their leadership structure. Each project will be different and require a unique approach. Your Global Studies degree will help you better understand the factors each decision requires.

Economic or Business Analyst

If you have a background in business or economics, becoming an analyst is a great option for you! You’ll be responsible for analyzing data and finding patterns and correlations. You will use this data to help business leaders to make more informed decisions and policies. With a degree in Global Studies, you’ll be prepared to work as an analyst in a global context. You’ll understand how other countries’ economic systems are influenced by government, economy, and culture.

Humanitarian Aid Worker

If you’re most passionate about spending time in the field and seeing how your work actively influences the lives of others, consider becoming an aid worker. You’ll serve at the frontline of other areas in a state of emergency. A Global Studies degree will help prepare you by giving you an understanding of the history and current situation of the location in which you’ll be. You could be in war zones or areas torn apart by a natural disaster. With a degree in Global Studies, you’ll be able to help make sure those in need receive emergency supplies safely and efficiently.


Are you passionate about writing and sharing stories with the world? A Global Studies degree can help you on the path to becoming a journalist. If you want to write stories with a global angle, a Global Studies degree will provide you with the context and international understanding that you need.

A degree in Global Studies will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a wide variety of careers. You’ll be able to select the perfect position tailored to your interests.